Welcome, time traveler!

In case you were not able to watch any of our online warm-up sessions during the September, today at 2 pm CEST we are going to do a wrap-up of our learning. It is our last call to be part of the most ambitious cultural heritage event of 2019: the Time Machine Conference 2019, October 10-11, in Dresden!

Watch today’s session here

#1 Accessing Pasts and Futures: Archivology and Big Data Help Recover Our Memories of Time (with Thomas Aigner from PhD in History from the University of Vienna and President of Icarus — International Center for Archival Research)
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#2 How to Build a Time Machine: Science and Technology to access our cultural roots in new ways (with Andreas Maier and Gus Rivas of FAU Germany)
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#3 Innovation, Outreach and Access for the Time Machine Organization: exploring research dissemination and innovation (with Sander Münster, from TU Dresden)
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#4 How Time Machine Works: Operating a major cultural heritage compilation project (with Daniel Jeller, Icarus)
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See you there!